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On Taxes And Car Donation Programs
Jean-Luc 'Johnny' LaFrance

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A lot of us view taxes as onerous levies imposed on our citizenship. Life is hard as it is, many claim, and taxes make life even harder. A lot of people even go to the extent of wishing taxes away. These people consider these imposts as cumbersome and totally unnecessary.

But a closer look at taxes would reveal that they are things that we - yes, WE - can't simply live without.

Time and time again, it has been said that taxes are the lifeblood of the government. Taxes provide our government with the necessary funds to make life sustainable in our great country. Infrastructures are built through the taxes we pay. Social services are funded by the taxes demanded from us every taxing season. The national defense is fortified by the taxes we dutifully surrender.

The government is not an authoritarian entity that doesn't care of its people. It is quite aware of the rather burdensome nature of the taxes it imposes upon its citizens. But the government can't do anything about it. Taxes are necessary for the sustenance of the government as well as the nation.

What the government does, however, to ease the burden of tax obligations is provide some allowable tax deductions for qualified citizens. These tax deductions, or tax write offs as they are sometimes called, are dependent on certain conditions which personalize, categorize, and some say even humanize, their very nature.

Some of these tax deductions are carried out through the government's car donation programs. The government encourages charity as a means for its citizens to help each other out. By donating a car you don't have much use for anymore to any of the car donation programs specifically established for charity, you'd be able to benefit from some significant tax deductions.

If, for example, your charity recipient decides to use the car for some legitimate charity purposes as defined by law, the car donation programs the government has built would grant you a tax write off equivalent to the fair market value of the car you have assigned to the said charity institution.

But what if the charity institution decides to sell your donated car, you might ask? Well, the government's car donation programs would then grant you a tax write off equivalent to the selling price of the said car.

Either way, the government's need for taxes is preserved, and the donor's benevolent choices are rewarded. Indeed, these programs are great ways to show that the government can care for its people without having to compromise the necessity for impositions, no matter how cumbersome they may be.

Johnny LaFrance is a respected and famous teacher,<span id="HTMLModeHTML_Resource"></span> author, technical adviser, and computer expert as well as the owner of <a href="">13 Limited </a>- a unique conglomerate of diversified companies representing international interests.<br>Johnny established the <a href="">John's Automotive</a> website to fill a need for information for the general public. The goal of the site is to be an invaluable source of information regarding every aspect of car donation, tax advantages, and all vehicle donation.

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