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Looking For Car Donation With Cash Equivalent?
Jean-Luc 'Johnny' LaFrance

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Charity is always the better choice? You don't have to throw away your old clothes. You don't have to abandon your old lot. You don't have to burn your old toys. And you don't have to leave your old car back at the garage to collect some dust, rust and cobwebs. You could always donate them to charity.

And though charity is always good, sometimes, we just wish - even for a fraction of a second - that something is in it for us as well. There is no shame in denying that. After all, the things we will give away have been with us for so long. A little compensation would be a fair trade for the sentimental value those things has developed, right?

This is why many people are on the lookout for programs that would allow the facilitation of a car donation with cash equivalent. Then again, the terms "donation" and "cash" do not really mesh. The former is an act of gratuity. The latter is rather reserved for barter.

The closest thing to a car donation with cash equivalent that we could get is the tax deduction that the federal government, though the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), would grant to us. To promote a useful and helpful disposition of old cars, the IRS has implemented a compensation package for the kind donor. The tax write off would depend on how the chosen charity would use the donated car.

* If the charity would use the car for some recognized "charity purpose," you'd receive a tax write off equivalent to the fair market value of your vehicle.

* If the charity would sell the car for some funds, you'd receive a tax write off equivalent to the price that your car was sold for.

These compensation options are as good as cash, and this is the closest correspondence of a car donation with cash equivalent you could get. And it is just proper. After all, the primary purpose of a car donation is to help others out. The allowable tax deduction should be taken as a mere bonus.

Indeed, the feeling of fulfillment in being able to aid the people in need should be the paramount prize that a car donation should provide. Charity is an act of kindness that should seek no rewards.

Though seeking a program that offers a car donation with cash equivalent with be human nature, charity dictates that we should go beyond ourselves to extend what we have to help uplift the plight of others.

Johnny LaFrance is a respected and famous teacher, author, technical adviser, and computer expert as well as the owner of 13 Limited - a unique conglomerate of diversified companies representing international interests.
Johnny established the John's Automotive website to fill a need for information for the general public. The goal of the site is to be an invaluable source of information regarding every aspect of car donation, tax advantages, and all vehicle donation.

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