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Jean-Luc 'Johnny' LaFrance

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Want to get rid of your old car? Then perhaps, you should consider donating it to charity. A charitable car donation isn't completely an altruistic act, mind you. You could also benefit from such a choice, such advantages coming in the form of favorable tax deductions. Indeed, you stand to be granted a tax write off equivalent to the fair market value of your old car, if ever the charitable institution you have designated as your recipient would use your vehicle for some acknowledged "charity purpose." The tax write off can also be equivalent to the price that your car was sold for, if ever the charitable institution would decide to take such a route.

In any event, there will always be something good in store for you whenever you'd opt to donate your car to charity. Other than the tax deductions, the laws on karma will also apply. The good deeds you exhibit would eventually return to you tenfold, as many belief matrixes all around the word do proclaim.

But how do you find a worthy charity for your car donation? Better yet, how do you determine that the charity you have in mind is actually recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so that your planned donation would entitle you to tax deductions?

Finding the right charity can be difficult, especially in certain localities where geography and unfamiliarity play a factor in the success or failure of your search. In such cases, it would always be best to contact some car donation services. These are entities that would find the right charity foundation for you, and present them for your consideration. From the list that these car donation services would provide, you could select the worthiest charity for your act of benevolence.

The charities that these car donation services would present for you are all recognized by the IRS, so you're sure to get some tax write offs due to your planned donation. C

Often, you won't even have to pay these car donation services. Some of them are funded by their particular state, if not by the federal government. Other are engaged in such a business because it's their form of charity. The few who will stand to make some money out of such a venture will most likely get their share from the selling price of the vehicle, or perhaps even a referral fee.

Such is a small price to pay, if ever, to avail of the safest, surest way in ensuring that: 1) your donation will be put to good use; and 2) your donation would entitle you to some beneficial tax deductions.

Johnny LaFrance is a respected and famous teacher,<span id="HTMLModeHTML_Resource"></span> author, technical adviser, and computer expert as well as the owner of <a href="">13 Limited </a>- a unique conglomerate of diversified companies representing international interests.<br>Johnny established the <a href="">John's Automotive</a> website to fill a need for information for the general public. The goal of the site is to be an invaluable source of information regarding every aspect of car donation, tax advantages, and all vehicle donation.

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